Case Studies


Disqus LogoDisqus is the leading discussion service with over 1 billion monthly unique visitors. Scroll down to the bottom of a new article or blog post and you are likely to see that the commenting section is “powered by Disqus.” This gives Disqus a huge data stack of URL’s and time-stamped text comments, perfectly positioning the company to create a discovery experience where users may find related materials to read and marketers may promote their relevant content marketing titles.

What Disqus found in the early days of this activity was that the wording of a headline could have a significant impact on the level of user engagement, e.g. the click-through rate (CTR). Honestly, many authors’ original headlines are not the best for encouraging clicks on their article. However, hiring editors to read thousands of articles a day to try to think up improved headlines would be slow and expensive. Instead, Disqus came to Temnos.

Our metacontent algorithms generate several alternative candidate headlines for a typical news story or blog post. For those articles where the original headline is performing lower than average on CTR, Disqus then takes some of the alternative headline candidates from Temnos and rotates them, measuring an appropriate sample to determine if one of the alternatives has higher CTR than the original. If so, Disqus then “doubles down” by using the alternative headline. In more than 75% of such cases tested, the approach has succeeded in discovering an improved headline, and both users and marketers have benefited from the increased engagement.

“At Disqus, it is important that promoted discovery be engaging to the user and effective for the marketer. Temnos helps us fine-tune this process by taking underperforming headlines and suggesting potentially superior options using deep content analysis,” said David Fleck, GM, at Disqus. “We’ve seen a vastly improved click-through rate and feel that the Temnos platform is a great tool that has helped us accelerate our promoted discovery engine — a key component to our business.”

Federated Media Publishing

FM LogoFederated Media Publishing, founded by John Battelle, is the conversational marketing pioneer and champion of content that fuels the social web. With hundreds of thousands of sites and one of the largest networks in the industry, FM allows brand marketers to seamlessly insert their message into real-time conversations happening among the most engaged users across the Independent Web.

In order to offer more refined ad targeting without narrowing the inventory pool (an Achilles heel of most targeting methods), FM utilized metatopics, offered by Temnos, as a key component of their Conversation Targeting product. For example, FM can help a brand enter its message into the “Small Business Conversation” by leveraging metatopic analysis to grab a few hundred corresponding topics across its entire inventory pool — pages discussing “SBA loans”, “QuickBooks”, “Schedule C” and other related topics of concern to small business owners and managers. By relating so many relevant topics, a wider range of relevant inventory is painlessly acquired, which delivers a more effective campaign meriting a higher CPM because of its proven effectiveness. CTR’s have increased up to 50% or more, depending on the campaign, and FM’s marketers have seen consumer brand affinity lifts of 75%.

“Conversation targeting allows us to find the most engaged audiences across the Independent Web based on very specific, granular topics and then open the aperture with like topics for additional scale,” said Walter Knapp, COO of Federated Media. “Our conversation targeting solution incorporates numerous technology components to provide marketers with a more robust solution for precise audience targeting.”

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