Temnos Summaries

summary2Headlines may be the most important part of a document, but summaries and abstracts are not to be ignored. RSS feeds, search engines, social networks, and other means of sharing media typically allow for one or more lines of description or commentary. What goes into that description can either strengthen or weaken a hot headline.

An easy and common solution to automating the creation of summaries is to take the first sentence from each paragraph of an article. However, the first sentence is not always the most interesting, representative, or useful in a summary. Many times, the lead-in of an article or paragraph is metaphorical, humorous, or otherwise not useful out of context. As a result, a good summary requires a lot more intelligence and understanding of the entire text.

Temnos Summaries analyze the entire text of a page in order to select the strongest, most interesting, useful sentences to assemble into a summary. Each sentence is accompanied by an index value to indicate its order of appearance within the document and a decimal score (between 0.0 and 1.0, inclusive) to indicate its strength as part of a summary. Use all the suggested sentences, in order of appearance, or select only the highest-scoring ones, depending upon your use case and audience.

Also see Temnos Headlines to auto-generate them along with summaries.

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