Temnos MetaTopics

categories_stackTemnos MetaTopics are a unique and powerful way to identify, organize, and target content within large media repositories. A traditional taxonomy of categories, such as the Temnos Master Subject Index, Dewey Decimal Classification, or the IAB QAG Taxonomy, rigidly and systematically organizes media by subject matter, discipline,  or industry. However, such rigid systems are not able to capture the variety and diversity of concepts that exist in real-world media.

For example, an advertiser wants to purchase a campaign that targets blog posts about luxury. A typical taxonomy, no matter how deep, will not work because luxury does not fit a traditional category. Instead, it is a concept that crosses many different categories: automotive, art, entertainment, fashion, food & drink, jewelery, real estate, travel, and more. Targeting all of those categories will not work either, because they are too broad.

Temnos MetaTopics are not limited by any particular structure or pre-conceived notion of classification. Since a MetaTopic consists of a collection of Temnos Topics, it can be used to build anything from traditional to one-of-a-kind document collections. Whether you start with the current set of over 200 Temnos MetaTopics or define your own, MetaTopics are the perfect solution for sponsorships, ad targeting, niche site organization, linking to related content, and more.

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Case Study

See how Federated Media uses Temnos MetaTopics to build market-differentiating content packages for ad targeting.