Temnos Headlines

Newspaper-iconThe headline or title is the most important part of a document because it is often the sole criterion used by people to decide whether or not to read it. Just as headlines sell newspapers, they also drive engagement with online content.

However, their reach goes well beyond your site. Think about all the ways that people find content: social networks, RSS feeds, search engines, social bookmarking, one-on-one and group chat, etc. Poor headlines and titles can mean significant loss of potential traffic and revenue that reduce the value of your content.

So, what do you do if writing compelling headlines is not your forté? What if you have to work with third-party articles that have ho-hum headlines? The problem becomes insurmountable when the volume of such content exceeds the practicality and cost of manual intervention.

Temnos Headlines analyze the body text of a page for interesting and compelling sentences. It then turns them into headlines, automatically. You simply specify the number and length of headlines that are desired.

Each recommendation is accompanied by a decimal score between 0.0 and 1.0, inclusive, to indicate the strength and relevance of the headline to the rest of the page. Choose the highest-scoring headline suggestion as the document title or combine Temnos Headlines with collaborative filtering or other testing mechanisms to determine which headline performs the best for your readers.

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Case Study

See how Disqus leverages Temnos Headlines to power their content discovery engine.