Temnos Categories

categories_boxesIf you work with large document collections (e.g., content aggregation, large networks of web sites, multiple publishers) and need an accurate, consistent way to organize all that content, Temnos Categories provides easy-to-integrate automated classification at scale. Some of the biggest names in the media industry, such as Disqus and Federated Media Publishing, have leveraged the throughput and accuracy of Temnos Categories to classify millions of web pages.

Temnos Categories supports the Temnos Master Subject Index and the IAB QAG taxonomies to fit most publishing and advertising media needs. However, custom categories can also be built to fit specific document collections and unique use cases.

  • Temnos Master Subject Index (MSI): A multi-level subject-oriented media taxonomy (e.g., Arts, Business, Entertainment, Health, Humanities, Recreation, Science, Society, Sports)
  • Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG): An industry-oriented, advertising-focused media taxonomy
  • Custom: Define categories to fit your specific content needs (e.g., vertical industries, unique site channels, proprietary taxonomies)

For building more flexible and dynamic document collections, see Temnos MetaTopics.

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