Media Buyers

tagSlice and dice available inventory in more and unique ways. Find more inventory matching a desired content theme by detecting semantic variations in content expression.

Publishers & Content Networks

network_worldUnderstand how certain features in your content correlate with increased or decreased audience engagement. Get page-level feedback to your authors and editors that can increase page quality and enhance the uptake of content.

  • Organize content at scale with consistent Temnos Categories
  • Create custom packages of content based on Temnos MetaTopics to offer unique advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Improve cross-pollination by linking related content within a site or across sites and networks via Temnos Tags & Topics
  • Increase engagement by leveraging Temnos Headlines for article titles
  • Generate variable-length content summaries for use in feeds, social media, search indexes, etc. with Temnos Summaries
  • Ask us about special support for verticals such as news, product catalogs, etc.