Big Data from Big Content

pagesstackedBig data analysis has been a boon for spotting trends and making business decisions based on structured information such as revenue, clicks, and views. But what about textual content? Blog posts, articles, reports, and other documents consist of free-form text and are not structured the way databases are. Although the promise of the Semantic Web is to make content more machine-friendly, its use is not widespread nor is the data necessarily consistent.

The Temnos Content Intelligence platform enables you to extract the wealth of metadata that exists about your unstructured text-based media. In addition, valuable metacontent can be generated from the text to further optimize its usability and value.

All of the metadata and metacontent services in the platform are available via RESTful web APIs for ease of access and integration.


Metadata consists of the various content characteristics of documents such as the primary Dublin Core Metadata elements, category, topics, etc. The specific products that address these different metadata types are as follows:

  • Temnos Brand Safety — detect and filter spam and potentially unsafe or objectionable content
  • Temnos Categories — organize content into major categories based on a standard or custom taxonomy
  • Temnos Elements — identify the elemental components and characteristics of a document such as the title, author, publication date, language, and reading level
  • Temnos MetaTopics — create customizable collections of related content whether that content exists within or across categories and topics
  • Temnos Tags & Topics — extract concept words, phrases, and entities that identify the subject matter contained in a body of text


Metacontent is any usable content that is generated from already-existing content. This could be a summary of variable length (or of differing content selection bias), or alternative headlines that could fit any item of text content (or its subsections).

  • Temnos Headlines — generate new, compelling, alternative titles for documents
  • Temnos Summaries — auto-create abstracts of varying lengths that encapsulate the essence of an article

To learn more about how media businesses can use Temnos metadata and metacontent to add value to their content, visit the individual product pages and also see the Solutions page.

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