About Us

Company History

bookIn 2006, Tim Musgrove, then a senior research fellow at CNET, spun his team out from CNET to form the semantic search startup, TextDigger. Offering hosted solutions for a variety of sectors, TextDigger completed its Series-A funding led by True Ventures, CNET and Intel Capital. In 2010, TextDigger was acquired by Federated Media Publishing (FMP) to leverage high-scale content intelligence technology for online publishing and advertising services.

As a centralized group within FMP’s multi-faceted, international business, the team developed high-scale services and robust API’s to serve several different applications in various divisions within FMP — effectively becoming an internal PaaS solution. During the next two years, the team received growing third-party interest in its PaaS solutions, coming from diverse media companies. So in 2013, the team spun out of FMP to create Temnos and launch this newly-evolved content intelligence platform to the broader market.

About the Name

TemnosQsThe famous “Five W’s” (Who, What, When, Where, Why), which are used today in journalism, education, criminal investigation, rhetoric, and other fields, have a specific historical beginning in the “Seven Circumstances” originally established by Hermagoras of Temnos, an influential teacher of rhetoric in ancient Rome, and predecessor to Cicero.

Rather than five interrogatives, Hermagoras actually had seven, because in addition to our familiar five, he added “by what means” and “in what manner.” They mostly were Q’s (not W’s), because in Latin the corresponding words are “quis,” “quid” etc. This model for capturing the essence of any subject matter was one of the earliest content intelligence methods in human history, and therefore we are proud to derive our company name from this apropos historical reference.

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